Brightline Launches New Route to Orlando, Revolutionizing Travel in Florida

Brightline, the high-speed train service in Florida, has announced the opening of its new route to Orlando, fulfilling its ultimate business model. The company has received significant enthusiasm from both the business and tourism industries, as they are eager to travel between Central and South Florida.[0] With the start of service to Orlando, Brightline is encouraging everyone to check their calendars, make plans, and reserve their seats through their website or app.[0]

Currently, Brightline operates between Miami and West Palm Beach with stops in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Aventura.[1] The train service offers 16 daily round trips, completing the journey in just under three hours.[1] However, the new route to Orlando will take just over three hours, allowing passengers to avoid the hassle of driving in traffic. The train travels at a speed of 125 miles per hour, ensuring a fast and efficient journey.[0]

To celebrate the launch of the Orlando route, Brightline is offering limited-time one-way fares starting at $79 for adults and $39 for children.[2] Additionally, groups of four or more passengers will receive an additional 25% discount on these fares.[2] For families of four, Smart fare bundles are available for less than $199 one way.[0]

Brightline is also catering to college students by offering up to a 25% discount on rides. Students can create a Brightline account using their active college or university email addresses to enjoy the discounted fares.[2] This initiative will begin in the fall, providing students with an affordable and convenient transportation option.

Travel advisors can also benefit from the new route, as Brightline plans to introduce commissionable fares in the near future.[2] This will make it easier for travel professionals to book their clients' journeys and earn commissions.[2]

The opening of the Orlando route marks a significant milestone for Brightline, as it fulfills its vision of connecting Central and South Florida. The high-speed train service has revolutionized travel in the region, providing a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. With its comfortable amenities and fast journey times, Brightline continues to attract both business and leisure travelers.

In conclusion, Brightline's new route to Orlando is set to provide an exciting and convenient travel option for passengers. With its affordable fares, comfortable amenities, and efficient service, Brightline is revolutionizing the way people travel in Florida. Whether it's for business or leisure, the high-speed train service offers a seamless and enjoyable journey.

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